#BIGRead14: Psalm of the Dawn (Read by David Wilkinson)



As the sun climbs above the hill, to show itself in blinding
light and warming heat; so you appear in our heart after
the long night of darkness.

In darkness I have slept, and in the cold shivered; I know
my ignorance and fear, I am alone in the cosmos.

Before the dawn the birds were roused; calling to wake the
earth, singing hope, insisting on the coming of day.

I heard them not; I rested long in my fear. I trembled to be alone.

The stars returned to their place, invisible beyond the
heavens; driven back by the coming of the sun.

The beasts retired to their lairs; their fear was of the dawning
day, to be exposed by the coming of the light.

Within the plants sap began to flow; the first light of dawn
touching the green to life.

With the full light of sun the green is bright; the air cleaned
by the growing.

How happy are they who see the dawn; those for whom
night is gone.

How happy are they who feel the warmth of the sun; those
who know its strength will sing.

How happy are they who greet the day, with faith and health
restored; they will do your will.

Dawning God, dispel all the thoughts and fears of night, and
give us, with your creation, refreshment and renewal, that
we might this day reflect your light into the lives of others.

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