#BIGRead14: The Unlovely (Read by @ClaireMaxim1)

WEEE waste man Eden Project Bodelva St Austell Cornwall UK

Praise God for big black birds,
jackdaws and crows,
rooks and ravens;
unsung and unsinging
they fail to attract our
friendly feelings.

Raise a prayer for all that is unlovely,
Items badly made,
mean materials,
artless assortments.

Offer thanks for
all that is cheap and cheerful,
kitsch or clichéd;
for disposable things;
for things on which our eye never rests;
for stuff always destined to be clutter or junk.

Help us learn to love the unlovely
that we might find ourselves loving
the unlovely in others,
and that the unlovable parts of ourselves
might feel the warmth and worth of true love.


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