#BIGRead14: To Do List (Read by @drbattytowers)



I don’t yet have a list.
Only the prospect of a list.
An orderly, linear a, b, c
of what I must.

I have items
jangling in my mind,
swirling and arching,
each with different dread,
every one with the potential to expand –
to explode into a day’s work.

I resist the idea of making a
list of items. Why cage them or make them tame?
I like their colourful, darting
behaviour, hide and
seek across the cortex.
‘Oh, I had forgotten that.
Must remember to do it after lunch.’

Give me a net and the skill to
use it to trap those darting-fish thoughts,
those important tasks to be done.

Help me to land them, sort them,
work my way through them.

Help me to focus my attention, my
time, my energy where it can
be most effective.

And let me throw the little fish back;
let me catch them another
day – when they have grown.

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