Confessions of a Digidisciple in Lent (@darrenhill)

Prayer and Social Media

Prayer and Social Media

What is the life of digidisciple? Well, a digidisciple spends a lot of time on twitter and Facebook. We also like to pin lots of inspirational photos with Bible verses to Pinterest. Most importantly we always have a link to YouVersion or BibleGateway open; you never know when the urge to share a Bible verse will come along.

Let’s rephrase this. What is the life of this digidisciple currently like? What is this digidisciple to think about and write about when he isn’t really engaged with Lent and doesn’t really like the book of Ezra.

Ezra is up there with my all-time un-favourite books of the Bible, others being 1 and 2 Chronicles, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Don’t you have un-favourite books of the Bible? If you have favourites then you must have un-favourites. Or perhaps you refer to them as less favourite. I’m only being honest, there are some things in the Bible I don’t like, have difficulty with and struggle to engage with. Of course, thinking in these terms helps me shape my theology on what the Bible is. The often unhelpful, in my very humble opinion, phrase that the Bible is the Word of God can be misleading. The Bible may contain God’s words, but there is also a lot of decidedly non-divine language in there too.

But getting to grips with what the Bible says, especially in the bits that I struggle with, is an important part of spiritual development. If we just read, re-read and felt good about ourselves reading our favourite passages we may not grow at all.

My life has been in a bit of turmoil recently. I have left some pretty major things behind and looking for some pretty major things ahead. I’m in a sort of transition period and just not sure what the right direction is and which path I should follow. So I am seeking direction. Taking time out to pray and reflect on what may or may not lie ahead.

Lent - Wilderness

Lent – Wilderness

In fact, it feels like I’m currently in the wilderness. Moving from one tough challenge to another. It feels like this is a time of contemplation and personal spiritual development. It’s almost like I’m having a wilderness experience, a sort of Lent, if you will.

I struggle, I wrestle, and, hopefully, I will grow; I will be a better disciple. I can then share those thoughts with you and others online. You see, this is what this digidisciple does, especially when pondering the book of Ezra during Lent.

Now if only I could think of something to write and share with you all…

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