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I’m awfully glad that I’m a chicken. In the hedgerows of England we follow a simple faith. Love God, love each other and try not to peck too many humans. Ha ha.

When you humans get hold of Jesus you make everything very complicated. Sometimes I think you are far more interested in your church tribe than you are in serving God.

I’m ranting and raving as a form of procrastination. I’d really rather not talk about chapters nine and ten of Ezra. They’re about intermarriage you see. Some of the Jews marry foreign women and are told that they have turned against God by doing so.

I asked my best friend Fr Koala whether I should mention this to the humans. I know you creatures are keen on quoting from the Bible to justify your opinions on wedlock.

“Fr Koala,” I said. “I’m worried that if the humans see what’s in Ezra they might go very peculiar.”

“In what way?” Said Fr Koala.

“So many Christians are married to non-Christians. What if they read Ezra and start panicking?” I said.

“Who are we here for little Chick?” Said Fr Koala.

“Each other, Jesus.” I said.

“Is the Book of Ezra a part of your relationship with Jesus?” Said Fr Koala, wiggling his fluffy white eyebrows.

“Not my relationship, but what about the humans? If they start worrying about Ezra it will seep into their picture of God. You know it will,” I said.

“Humans do as humans are,” said Fr Koala. “We can’t be responsible for their faith. They have to find God for themselves. If we spend our lives telling them how to believe, we’ll have no time left for social justice. So many of them worship the Bible as if it were God. Talking to them all would be exhausting.”

“Isn’t telling them not to believe peculiar things a form of social justice Fr Koala?”

“If that’s your calling yes, but if Ezra becomes fashionable among the humans I’d much rather concentrate on supporting the victims of the trend,” said Fr Koala. “The Lord Almighty will take care of the others. As He always does.”

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