The Best Websites for Thinking Theologically About Digital Culture Are…. (@Byers_Andy)


Seriously: I am genuinely asking you! What are the most helpful websites you have found that spur biblical and theological thinking about media technology in the digital age?

The BigBible blog is sponsored by CODEC, a research institute based in St John’s College at Durham University. Among our many projects, we are invested in resourcing the church for our contemporary mediascape. In that enterprise we are looking for high quality websites that consistently publish helpful reflections at the intersection of culture, technology, Scripture, and theology.

At BigBible, you all are helping us provide reflections of this sort. I would love to hear your feedback on other sites. Feel free to post them in a comment below, or you can tweet me some links (@Byers_Andy). Some of you may have your own sites to recommend. That’s fine, too.


But now that I have made my plea, I feel sort of guilty about baiting you with this post’s title and offering a blank line! I don’t want to leave you entirely empty-handed, so here are a few sites I have found to be really helpful…

The Christian New Media Project: “Helping religious leaders become theologically savvy about technology” 

This site has slowed down a bit in traffic due to a move from one U.S. seminary to another. But the writers are sharp theological thinkers committed to the church’s thriving in the digital age. Check it out.


St. Eutychus: a blog run by Nathan Campbell

Nathan is an Australian minster who has been studying media and theology. I found out about him because he reviewed my book. NB: a site does not need to review my book to get a mention on my collection of recommended sites! But Nathan’s post are both fun and informative.


The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology and Society

This is not a “Christian” magazine, but they consistently publish excellent material, sometimes by Christian writers. An example is this superb reflection by Timothy Dalrymple called “Redeeming Technologies.”


Don’t Eat the Fruit: “Technology is Fast, but Redemption is Slow”

What a great tagline! This is the blog of John Dyer, author of From the Garden to the Cityfeatured here at BigBible. John keeps impressing me. I am thankful that he will be joining us in Durham for the summer as he begins a PhD in the Department of Theology. (And yeah, okay, John reviewed my book, too. But I would totally recommend him and Nathan without those reviews!).


We will be discussing other sites soon. Pass along your suggestions!

About AndyByers

I serve as the Chaplain for St Mary's College at Durham University while working on a PhD in the Department of Theology. CODEC has also taken me on to work as a theological consultant of sorts for the BigBible blog. My first book is about cynicism toward the church and disillusionment with God—'Faith Without Illusions: Following Jesus as a Cynic-Saint' (IVP Likewise, 2011). My latest is ‘TheoMedia: The Media of God in the Digital Age’ (Cascade Books, 2013).