Thoughts on 2 Samuel by @edaross

Occasionally on BIGBible we look back and reflect  – so


I’m writing this on my phone as my home internet is down, and just trying to get down some thoughts on what I’m reading in 2 Samuel as I go.

First thing, it starts with “After the death of Saul…”, which reminds me of the start of Joshua: “After the death of Moses…” and so I wonder how deliberate this repetition was:

Moses was a man chosen by God to lead his people.
Saul was a man chosen by God to lead his people.

Both Moses and Saul achieved great things, but both had their flaws too.

The leadership role went from Moses to Joshua, an Old Testament Jesus.
The leadership role went from Saul to David (eventually), who is part of the family line of Jesus.

Gosh, this is just the first five words!

David stays in Ziklag for two days, and on the third, something happened. This brings to mind the death and resurrection of Jesus, three days later. There are many more examples of things happening in threes in the Bible: the Trinity, and “faith, hope and love” spring to mind, but I’m sure you could add many more to the comments section.

Funny how things like that happen in the Bible: almost like someone was bringing things about in a certain way to point something out about themselves. Hmmmm.

Next, David is informed of the death of Saul. These days, it is often the case that when a famous person dies, the news of their death is spread worldwide through Twitter way before any traditional news agency can deliver it. David had to wait for days to find out what happened to Saul. In my current situation (of no home internet due to some unspecified interference disrupting the signal according to my ISP), I’m still able to send in this blog entry as my phone’s internet connection is still working. The pace of communication has changed a lot since the time of Saul and David, but the desire to communicate has not. Is there someone you have been meaning to contact recently-even with bad news? If you are reading this, you probably have the means to do so, so why not do it?

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