#BIGRead14: A Heart of Grace (Read by Sr Laurentia)


The more insistent the birdsong,
the more powerful the scent of flowers,
the more majestic the tree

expansive in its own space
solid in its own roots
luxuriant in its own branches, twigs and leaves,

the more active the insects,
the more webs the spider spins –
the more indifferent nature appears.

Rain falls on the just
and the unjust.
Sun shines on the good and the evil.
Broken leg or arm,
cracked rib,
punctured lung,
all mean nothing to the tree
from which I fell.
Heartless is the shattering glass,
the collapsing wall,
the quaking earth.
Care­free the blackbirds outside the open window
where the one who cannot sleep for pain
lies lonely in distress.

So make in us a heart that cares:
that sees,
breaks and
rages in concert with others.
Make in us a heart that
hurts and
heals, that
shares and
saves the suffering from
the loneliness of natural life.

Take from us the heart of stone,
the heart of flesh.
Give us the heart of

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