#BIGRead14: Contemplation (Read by @ajstarkordish)



I have kept myself still
before you.
the flood of ideas is stemmed.
The carnival of images has passed.
The fragments of music quietened.

Words have come,
chosen and repeated;
unbidden, uttered and
sent on their way.

Now the quiet is ascendant.
I have no question,
no request,
no petition,
no penitence,
no praise.

Out of the deep a phrase
emerges; like a bubble
it floats to the surface and bursts.
Others will come,
but they are few.
I let them pass,
let them go. page126image3528 page126image3688

The tick of the clock,
such a steadying rhythm,
does not need my attention
after all. It does
not get it.

I move my fingers and toes to
ensure I am not asleep.
That my will can command.
It can.
It chooses not to.

I remain in your peace.
I absorb your peace.
I will rise, in due course,
to live your peace.

For now, for this
timeless, timed now,
silence is poised peace.
I offer it as my prayer.

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