#BIGRead14: Courage (Read by @GabriellaRusso)



Lord of life, I ask for a gift
I never want to need or use:
the gift of courage.

I pray for it for myself, as with uncertainty
I look towards an unknown future,
wondering where and when I will be tested and
fearing that my cowardice will one day be exposed.

I pray it for those who will need it this day.
Those who face threats from others,
the prospect of physical pain, or
exposure to ridicule and embarrassment.

Give me eyes to see beauty, dignity and
grace in the bravery of others.
Help me when I am tempted away from truth and service
by my lack of courage.

Help me to escape the habits and tricks of avoidance.
Rid me, I pray, of all false courage
and dangerous machismo,
of dull stoicism and unfeeling hardness.

Bless me, I pray, with the courage of Gethsemane.

And bind me in the fellowship of those
who take the cup of necessary suffering,
and drink from it.

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