#BIGRead14: Generosity (Read by Jonathan Somerville)

Image Source: The Worship Cloud

Image Source: The Worship Cloud

God of grace, giver of all good things,
fount of creation and source of love,
we pray that we might become people of generosity.

Teach us how to give,
and teach us the many ways in which giving can be possible
for us.

Our hearts are often anxious, fearing that we have too little
to give.
Help us to see that your provision is more than adequate,
and that your abundance is reached only as we share in
your generosity.

Give us, we pray, the inclination and the resolve to be generous
with our provisions.
Help us to share our food with the hungry.
Help us to be generous with our time –
patient with those who make us wait,
attentive to those who need us to listen,
calm and positive with those who need our
instruction, direction or explanation.

Enable us to be generous with our money,
finding creative and transformative ways to give.
Make us open­-handed and yet responsible
givers of financial support.

Give us generosity of spirit:
positive, accommodating,
gracious in attitude,
slow to judge,
quick to honour, praise and bless,
sincere in word and gesture.

By your grace help us to give of ourselves.
It seems to us a mean offering,
but it is the best we have.

Help us to let go of our desire to control.
Let us abandon ourselves to your will
with a smile of uncertainty on our lips
but with the joy of faith in our hearts.

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