#BIGRead14: Gentleness (Read by @Maylor)



God of mist and dew,
of quiet and calm,
of lightness of touch:
help us to be gentle.

Gentle with others.
Gentle with ourselves.
Gentle when anxious.
Gentle when angry.
Gentle in word.
Gentle at work.

Give us, we pray,
the calm that makes for consideration,
the respect for others that makes us courteous.

Give us a good pace of living.
Hold us back when we begin to rush.
Steady us when we panic.

Take from us the coarsening word, the cynical look.
Take from our countenance any expression that could
unsettle one of your vulnerable ones.

God of the Golden Rule,
let us be to others as we need them to be to us.
And let others be to us as we
seek to be to them.

When we fail, forgive us.
When they fail, heal us.

When we hurt each other, reconcile us.

And all by your most gentle grace.

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#Do1NiceThingSit in a coffee shop and chat to some strangers or buy a ‘Suspended Coffee’ or pay for a strangers drink


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