#BIGRead14: Irony (Read by @revpamsmith)



Lord, we know that it is impossible
that we will ever see ourselves as others see us.
But help us to distance ourselves a little
from our own egos.

Send us the critics and clowns
who will hold a mirror
when we are least presentable.

Send us counsellors and companions
who will care for us,
and goad us into self­awareness.

Send us the friends
who will admire and love us enough to say a word
which allows us to glimpse the self we never want to see.

And give us space, Lord:
space in our minds and in our hearts;
space in which to roam around ourselves;
space enough to let a wry smile of knowing
broaden into a grin;
space enough to let the tear of pity become a lament;
space enough to let in the one or two
others who challenge our complacency.

Give me irony, Lord,
not as a way of disturbing others
or diminishing seriousness.
Give me rather the irony that unsettles my egotism and pride,
that troubles my certainty and
that allows me to laugh and cry
in the company of familiar friends and frightening strangers.
Give me enough irony that allies and enemies may,
in my heart at least,
be reconciled. 

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