#BIGRead14: Kindness (Read by @audiogeist)



Although I am grateful,
I rarely appreciate the kindness of others
as deeply or as warmly as I should.

Help me to be attentive to the kindness which comes to me,
for the small courtesies and considerations,
for the delicate movements of graceful politeness.

Help me, I pray, to remain kind in my words and in my attitudes,
in my habits and in my spontaneous actions.

Give me a kindly spirit,
kind words
and a kind heart.
Save me from the cynical and cruel tendencies which lie within

Save me too from being anodyne or dull.
Save me most of all from the curse of patronizing niceness.
May I be neither a giver nor a receiver
of anything bland or diminishing.
Make me robust and kind,
honest and kind,
compassionate and kind.

Make me a good companion to others, many others,
whether our time together is marked
by decades or seconds.

Give me the gift of kindness.

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