#BIGRead14: Monochrome (Read by @TheAlethiophile)



Maybe it’s because I don’t remember
in colour, that black
and white photographs seem to me
more truthful.

Trees and fields are more their
textured selves.
Skies, often a vague background
grey, are less imposing.
The cut of the suit, lounge or
bathing, more vividly indicates not year but

Even on a small photo, and
some are very small, faces
feel more vivid, expressions
more personal and acute. Less prepared.
A slight difference in eyebrow
deportment – an entirely different
atmosphere, mood, memory.

Colour tells too
much, too easily misleads. It
closes down too soon.
Monochrome says ‘colour me in’.
It seeks not my admiration
but my participation.

Let me be, then, more
black and white in who I am,
what I say, what I do.
Not clotting into any dogmatic either/or
but, in the unfinishedness
of what I put in front of others,
let me contribute boldly,
within a frame, and
within the limits of monochrome
Let me risk looking dull in the
cause of exploration and adventure.
Let me live with constraint
that others may transcend.
Let me be grey
that others may
colour and be

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