#BIGRead14: Mysterious Cross (Read by @RevMartinPoole)



Unfamiliar cross,
I know your shape, your form.
your meaning has been my study year
on year.
yet I know you not.

Symbol of reconciliation,
of love, of grace.
Why do you push me back?
Why alienate me so?

Your face – always new.
Your arms – always open.
Your foot – always planted.
Your mouth – always shut.

Others gaze on you and pass by satisfied.
They understand you fully,
whether bare wood or body hung,
whether sculpted, or in oils;
they read your surface and move on.

Mysterious cross,
you hold my stare, reflect it back.
your unfathomable eyes, like the blackest
of holes,
draw me in, draw me deep.

Speak, silent cross!
Proclaim, strangest one!
Whisper some comfort.
Breathe out, at last, with consolation.

You have me nailed.
Not with iron but by a
dart of love.
You have me transfixed.

Let me be

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