#BIGRead14: People with Nowhere to Sit (Read by @joroyal)


On a journey we know we need,
sooner or later,
to find somewhere to sit.
It does not matter if the distance is
short, or the time

Standing will suffice for a little while.
But when we travel a long way, on
a bus or a train,
we need a seat.

And when we walk for hour after hour, mile after mile,
we need, after a while,
and for a while,
a place to sit.

Thank God for sitting places:
familiar seats and chairs,
benches and couches,
boards and steps,
the places we like to be
for rest or work
or company,
where we sit to watch TV
where we often have our tea
where we rest awhile with thee.

I am grateful for the chance to sit.
the chance to stay.
the chance to pray.
Remembering multitudes who hope for more,
but only ever have the floor.

Bless them as they walk.
Bless them as they squat.
Bless them as they feel the earth.
Bless them as they stand and sway.
Bless all who have no seat, this day.

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