#BIGRead14: Rain (Read by @headphonaught)


As the raindrops drum against the windowpane
and drill on the tiles,
we give thanks for precipitation falling as drizzle
or in storms to water the earth,
feeding and freshening by day and by night.
We pray for all who live in dry
and drought-affected places;
for people living with dust and desiccation.
We pray for those who are deluged;
we think of those who are constantly damp.
We pray for those in danger of floor or coping with its aftermath.
We pray for those living with the difficulty of frozen water,
burst pipes,
slippery paths, broken gutters.
We pray for good, wetting, watery rain wherever it is needed
by humankind.
And we pray for the gratitude that informs our
attitude and makes us good stewards of your life­giving,
indispensable gift of water.
We thank you for this day of rain;
let its rhythm help our alleluia to dance.

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