#BIGRead14: Reconciliation (Read by Bethany Bennett)



We are standing apart.
too far apart to touch – thank goodness.
We face each other but don’t see
the face.
We look over. We look through.
We look at. We look beyond. We look askance.

There is a gulf here.
A chasm.
A fjord.
A grand canyon.
A sea.
Tectonic plates below us,
moved by forces unknown and unstoppable,
pull us apart
Perhaps it is for the best.
If we are distant enough
avoidance will take no effort,
bring us the peace of forgetting.

Let this not be!
I cannot ‘Amen’ my own prayer.
I see no future if I turn my back.
The future is in the face I
strive not to see in my shadowy moments,
in the cracked mirror of my erstwhile

I have made an other of you.
And you have made an other of me.

Let us see that, at least.
And let us learn to look again.
To strain our eyes to the horizon;
to see the outline of the form;
to see the shape of the face;
to see the colour of the eyes;
to read the anguish of the soul;
to read the hope, the aspiration, the desire,
that makes no sense to us,
no sense at all.

Send us forward to that place where
we can forget the forlorn peace of
where we can remember well, and look kindly.

Where we can know
the peace of truth and the judgement of
Not through understanding all,
but by accepting the wound of mental

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