#BIGRead14: Simplicity (Read by Maggie Cherry)


Lord, make me simple – for I have become too complicated.
Take from me the vain dreams of sophistication and status,
and give me in return a desire to be shaped by the service
of others.

Take from me the desire to accumulate or hoard
and give me in return a decluttered life
and simple spirit.

Help me to be content with what is
and with who I am.
Help me to delight in what I see,
what I hear.

Help me to appreciate the people I know well.
Help me to see the stranger’s grace.

Give me your gifts of straightforwardness and clarity.
Lead me into integrity.
Pull me from the deceits of shame
and let me become
wholehearted and

That when people see through me,
they might glimpse your trace.

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