#BIGRead14: Too Difficult (Read by Christina Corsiglia)



I have a special place, so secret I
myself can never remember where to find it,
where I put these things.
An anti­treasure chest into which I
throw, hurl or, more often, surreptitiously
slip all the tasks I dread,
all the words I know I need to say but

The problems in that box are
The people trapped therein have mouths
which gape, like chicks in a nest.
They want I don’t have,
I cannot find.

It’s as busy as an ants’ hill in there.
A beehive filled with sour honey; the
wax of the comb is rancid through neglect.
It’s a compost heap, a pile of damp
grass – in danger of self­combusting as
the temperature rises.
I cannot put my hand in there. It’s a home for a
hornet; the viper hides there,
warming for a venture.

Take me to this place, slowly and boldly.
Take me to this place.
There is no time to prepare. All preparation
is distraction. Distraction is
what keeps this place so
fetid and toxic.

Take me there and let me put my
hand into that mess.
Let me risk the scratches, bites, abrasions,
Let me find from that corner of chaos one thing,
and perhaps a second,
to which I can give some attention,

some time, some effort.
Let me extract from that pit
just one torment
that by grace it might be tamed.
Let me look there for some
filament on which to pull.

Let me find the way
to unloosen the window and let
in light and air.

Yes, it is too much to ask.
Yes, it is too difficult. that’s the point.
Give me the grace to do the difficult thing

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