#BIGRead14: Untie My Depths (Read by Sheryl Shenk)



My mind is still,
my body is at rest;
you are my desire.
But I am alone;

alone with a knot –
a knot in my depths.
A tight, congested inner tangle.
I would love to tease it out.

I pull a strand,
the whole knot tightens.
I leave it alone.
It does not go away

I raise my feelings to my throat,
the energy is caught below.
I raise my thoughts high in my head,
they are anchored to the knot.

What is this multi­threaded mass?
Who or what makes its rest here?
It drags me down, seals me within,
constricts my soul. page118image3688

Disentangle me, Lord.
Unpick my inner knot.
Unravel my complexity.
Unweave my deepest confusion.
Untwist the channels of spirit within.

Pull apart the strands.
Prune the nuisance strings.
See my spiritual sclerosis and
soften, soften,

Stretch me from without.
Bless me from above.
Breathe your Spirit through me
and, by your mercy,
untie my depths.

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