Learn from your top performing posts (@andersorsander)

Parish House by Anders Orsander

Parish House by Anders Orsander


Have you looked back recently how your posts, statuses and photos perform on your social media profiles?

On my parish Facebook page these are the top three posts

What to learn from top performing posts

These top three posts might seem to be very different but there are things to learn by looking more closely at them.

  • The local connection is strong. Our next vicar, that our parish home is well cared for, the 150th anniversary for our church.
  • Make a Suggestion/Ask a Question. All three posts have this in common. I suggest people share the link to the ad. I tell people how nice the floor is, leaving room for people to agree or disagree. I ask people for stories and photos.
  • Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. The photo of the floor wasn’t planned. I took it with my mobile phone after seeing the shiny floor.
  • Have a plan and a strategy. One of the three posts was not planned, but two of them were.
  • Text posts do work. The third most successful post is actually a plain text post. Visual is good, photos are good, but text posts actually work rather well.

Which are your top performing posts?
What do you learn from them?
Please post a link and your thoughts in a comment.

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