#Luke2Acts : A Shared Bible Study on Twitter

Image purchased by @digitalfprint from iStockphoto

Image purchased by @digitalfprint from iStockphoto

Starting this Wednesday, April 23, a new shared Bible study is starting on Twitter. We will be reading a chapter every day, from the beginning of the gospel of Luke until the end of the book of Acts. All that you need to do to take part is read the daily chapter and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #Luke2Acts. Some participants may also want to get involved in the study on their blogs. We would love if you could be involved!

A couple of years ago, I took part in a similar shared Bible study created by my Twitter friend @God_loves_women#6monthBible. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore the Bible together with people from a wide range of different viewpoints and backgrounds. Many of us made new friends and, by the end of the time, I think that all of us were more enthused and informed about the Bible.

The Internet and social networking afford us exciting new opportunities to connect and interact with people in different contexts and with different perspectives. Sadly, as we are brought into closer contact with such people, we often end up spending more time arguing over our differences than we do in celebrating the things that we share. Perhaps this is especially true of Christians. We hope that this shared Bible study will enable us to enjoy and explore things that we have in common in a welcoming and inclusive context. As we learn to be blessed by people with whom we differ and to bless them in turn, the differences that remain between us may be knocked down to a healthier size and placed within a context of love and friendship.

As the readings are short, it shouldn’t require too much of your time. You can devote as much or as little time to this as you want. You can tweet or blog about the day’s passage in detail, or just lurk and follow other people’s comments. You won’t be required to tweet anything if you don’t want to, although we would love to hear your voice!

Everyone is welcome to take part. There will be people from across many spectrums involved, people of different denominations, ages, beliefs, backgrounds, Christians and non-Christians, with various levels of theological education and Christian experience represented. The goal of the group is to be encouraging, edifying, and exciting for all involved, wherever you are coming from. If you have controversial theological positions that you want to discuss, there are other places where that can be done. Please try to ensure that everyone feels welcome, respected, and included in the discussion, whether they have studied the Bible for many years or whether this is their very first time.

A complete reading plan can be found below http://alastair.adversaria.co.uk/LuketoActs14.pdf. I hope that you join us!


April 23 Luke 1 May 17 John 1 June 7 Acts 1
April 24 Luke 2 May 18 John 2 Pentecost! Acts 2
April 25 Luke 3 May 19 John 3 June 9 Acts 3
April 26 Luke 4 May 20 John 4 June 10 Acts 4
April 27 Luke 5 May 21 John 5 June 11 Acts 5
April 28 Luke 6 May 22 John 6 June 12 Acts 6
April 29 Luke 7 May 23 John 7 June 13 Acts 7
April 30 Luke 8 May 24 John 8 June 14 Acts 8
May 1 Luke 9 May 25 John 9 June 15 Acts 9
May 2 Luke 10 May 26 John 10 June 16 Acts 10
May 3 Luke 11 May 27 John 11 June 17 Acts 11
May 4 Luke 12 May 28 John 12 June 18 Acts 12
May 5 Luke 13 May 29 John 13 June 19 Acts 13
May 6 Luke 14 May 30 John 14 June 20 Acts 14
May 7 Luke 15 May 31 John 15 June 21 Acts 15
May 8 Luke 16 June 1 John 16 June 22 Acts 16
May 9 Luke 17 June 2 John 17 June 23 Acts 17
May 10 Luke 18 June 3 John 18 June 24 Acts 18
May 11 Luke 19 June 4 John 19 June 25 Acts 19
May 12 Luke 20 June 5 John 20 June 26 Acts 20
May 13 Luke 21 June 6 John 21 June 27 Acts 21
May 14 Luke 22 June 28 Acts 22
May 15 Luke 23 June 29 Acts 23
May 16 Luke 24 June 30 Acts 24
July 1 Acts 25
July 2 Acts 26
July 3 Acts 27
July 4 Acts 28



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