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Don’t Panic!

Oh No! Not the book Esther!!

I don’t know about you, but the world of Esther is about as far removed from my life as is possible… What on earth can this ancient book tell a boy born from the Australian bush, 400 miles north west of Sydney? I openly admit it is not my favourite book of the Bible (that would be Leviticus). I find Esther difficult to read – particularly as God is not mentioned in the book (as pointed out previously by Andy Byers). Esther is probably my strawy book of the Bible. Maybe I listen to Martin Luther too much – who knows? Having said that let me have a go.

Having a go!!

I can see that the key verses of the book are probably Esther 4:14 and Esther 8:16-17. The book of Esther tells about God’s hand of protection and providence on His people, Israel, while they are in exile in Persia. Esther shows great courage and faithfulness to God throughout this story of God’s deliverance of His people.

But what can we learn from her example? We can see, even tho God isn’t mentioned in the book,  that God is always faithful to those who are His and He is worthy of being trusted – despite circumstances and situations we find ourselves in.

We also see that Esther’s security was in God. Esther is confronted with the news that the Persian King has condemned all Jews to death. What does the auther say of her response? Terror? Panic? Shock? You can read about it in Esther 4:15-16 – fasting & prayer – and encouraging all Jews in the city of Susa to do likewise… Esther then follows a plan set out for her by God, and the people are rescued from certain death.

Esther for Me! Esther For You!

The story reflects that Esther had a strong self-esteem, self-worth, discipline and utter dependence on God alone.

Are you facing problems in your life? How do you react to situations that are threatening you or were never in your plans for yourself? Are you like me and sometimes immediately react with panic – while shouting out “Don’t panic! Don’t panic!” I am still learning, even after 30 years of being a Christian, that God is utterly dependable, reliable and worthy of trust. I am still learning to go straight to God in prayer, in order to help me overcome the trials which I face daily. I am so glad that I can approach Him daily in prayer, that He will listen to me, guide me, encourage me, lift me up, console me and comfort me. This God is whom I desire to serve. This God is who I want to have control of every facet of my life. Won’t you join me in praying faithfully to this amazing God – the God of Esther who is unchanging, trustworthy and faithful.

Thank you.

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