Esther: Finding favour (@UnshaunSheep)

Just a small thought this month from me about Esther.




Esther finds herself with influence in a place where she has ended up seemingly by chance.

On Twitter we often watch conversations flit past, and just occasionally we might have one of those Esther moments: a comment by a stranger where you have something useful to say. It might even be a comment by someone actively opposed to churches, Christians and faith or religion (other than their own way of thinking) in general. Rather than proceeding as a natural opponent – as Esther might have done against her husband: a King upon whose orders her kin were being slaughtered. Instead, she found favour with the King and bravely entered his presence.

Pop into that conversation as a positive presence. Win favour, not as a tactic, not to “win”, but simply to love and be God’s person on the ground there.

About Nick Morgan

Nick Morgan, Church of England ordinand based at a welcoming, bijou-sized northern Cathedral. Writer and composer. Tweets as @Unshaunsheep