Esther or why a hamster and a prime minister are the same (@chirpybirdy007)


The Book of Esther is read by Jewish people at the festival of Purim. The festival is all about Esther, a Jewish lady and Persian queen who saved Jewish people in the empire from being massacred.


My best friend Fr Koala often wonders what church would be like if some of the books of the Hebrew Bible had their own Christian festival. Our church year is built around the story of Jesus and the early Christians, but what would it be like if we added in big Christian festivals for prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Isaiah?


Fr Koala isn’t sure that Christians should have a festival for Esther. We both agree that it’s a very interesting story but it doesn’t appeal to us as much as the stories where God is mentioned an awful lot. I like the stories where there’s lots of shouting about looking after the poor and everyone remembers that God is extremely powerful.


Real human life, of course, is more like the Book of Esther than the Book of Genesis. At the top of society humans in elite positions tussle in secret over decisions that affect everyone lower down. In truth there’s not a lot anybody can do about the secret behaviour of powerful people in hidden rooms. Sigh.


It’s fortunate then that all humans and beasts, big and small, have a friend in God. He doesn’t make life perfect for us, but by walking with us he helps us to march on through. We also shouldn’t complain too much about life not being perfect as Creation is pretty wonderful.


Me and Fr Koala, we have a hamster friend who lives in a tank. She can’t come out to play because she’s very impetuous and might hurt herself by running away. We try our best to be kind to her because it’s very boring being penned in and controlled. We give her lots of toys.


God loves everybody. He loves Esther, he loves her enemies, he loves me, you and our hamster friend. He loves the British prime minister too.

Whatever we get up to, God loves us all. This puts us on a level playing field doesn’t it? Isn’t it wonderful to think that you, me and the hamster are just as important in the eyes of God as David Cameron?

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