There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven (@dotsters)

So after 13 years working for an organisation that on the whole was a good time, I now find myself in a ‘strange land’ with some people who speak a ‘strange language’! I have felt quite an alien at times and wondered why now, of all times I am supposed to be living in Wales and working for the Church in Wales, when I was quite ok thank you very much where I was, working with people I loved (on the whole), doing a job I loved (on the whole)!

The last 2 months of my time in the last job were quite hard as I was having to say ‘au revoir’ to some quite lovely people and a job to which I thought I was called and wouldn’t leave until I retired…However God had other plans!! Here I am in a beautiful house, in an area of’ outstanding natural beauty’, about to be licensed as a Pioneer priest, something I think I know I have been called to for quite some time and which if I’m honest with myself has my name written all over. Time for a different part of the journey, a new season in ministry.

Time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven… I have been considering my time on Twitter and Facebook over the past 9 months and my twitter usage has dropped almost to nothing because as an introvert the constant chatter on twitter is too much and I really do not have time to keep up with most of it!! Facebook is slightly different for me as it doesn’t feel as noisy (usually) and therefore I can take time to peruse and comment as and when and that is good for me especially as I get used to being in a different country trying to speak a new language! I wonder though, how we react to new activities, new places, new ways of being and doing and where God is in all of that for all of us! Do we keep God really close when in a new season of life, or do we let our relationship with God slip? I know someone who is always on twitter and I have always wondered how they get any work done, or keep their relationship with God! I know that to do both for me, is impossible and so I am choosing to keep God closer and twitter further away!!

About dotsters

newly ordained as a priest and curate at Chester Cathedral, senior lecturer in Christian youth work, love singing, spending time with friends as long as i can have some space for me as well! most important people in my life, my family especially my 2 daughters. most important thing in my life - following Christ