Song of Solomon 8:7 (@dotsters)

Flood waters can’t drown love, torrents of rain can’t put it out. Love can’t be bought, love can’t be sold – it’s not to be found in the marketplace.

Unfortunately many today, think that love can be bought by buying gifts (that the giver often can’t afford) to try and ‘keep’ the person, ‘love’ is sold by people who don’t know any better as they don’t know what real love is, and ‘love’ is often found in the marketplace, by those looking for the real thing but mistaking fake love for the true love.

Social media plays its part in this, by showing images of what ‘real love’ looks like and yet so many are confused by  ‘real love’ as they don’t understand that real love is sacrificial, hard work, about the other, and yet as followers of Christ we can see what real love is by reading what Jesus had to say about love and how he reacted to others.

I am aware that having been married and divorced, my credentials for writing about what real love is are not exactly good, but perhaps it is because I have been married and divorced and also observed many people’s marriages as well as doing marriage prep for those getting married that I can write about it in a way that is objective?!

I have had the privilege of observing people who have been ‘happily’ married for years and those who have been ‘happily married’ for years and the difference is the understanding of the struggles and demands of married life and the vulnerability in sharing the life of another human being. Those who are ‘happily’ married are those I see who grin and bear the problems and issues that arise, but are only together because they don’t want to live on their own, or because of what other people would say. Those who are ‘happily married’ understand there are no quick fixes, that life together is not always smooth and trouble free and are vulnerable and honest with each other, care for each other and put the other first, and for followers of Jesus, decide to follow him together wherever that leads them. It is amazing when you find the sort of love that flood waters can’t drown or fire can’t put out and in our culture of instant gratification and throw away instead of mend, it is important that we talk about the love that God has for each of us and how that is the model for all love…

I wonder how do we love? With all our being or with barriers and the mentality that it can be ‘thrown away’ when things get tough? I know how I want to love…

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