5 ways to get the best out of #CNMAC14 (@ijasonham)


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A couple of months ago I hosted a ‘Tweetup’ of individuals who look after Church Twitter accounts in Exeter. We had such a wonderful time together, sharing our love for Social Media, our experiences and encouraging each other in the work we do.

There’s something about meeting up with like-minded people face to face. Last year I went to the Christian New Media Conference as a attendee and loved talking to people and discovering their passion for reaching the lost with new media. This year I’m a speaker for a workshop entitled ‘Connecting Community’ which I’m thrilled about and I can’t wait until the 1st November. With this in mind, I’d like to share my 5 top tips  to get the best out of the event:

  1. Go to workshops that challenge you! – #CNMAC14 will be an opportunity to grow your knowledge. Last year I went to a workshop with Richard Littledale and this has had a long-lasting impression on me about how to creatively build relationships within a church and the community. To be honest, I wasn’t going to go to this workshop originally. But glad I changed my mind at last minute as it was so great. Open your mind – learn about something you’re not an expert in!
  2. Network and mingle! – It’s very unusual to meet such a huge range of like-minded individuals in one place who have a passion for new media. I’d encourage to talk to someone new (I know that’s scary sometimes!). Ask them questions, find out their story, share ideas. Last year I connected with people I hadn’t met before and still keep in touch with them until this day
  3. Pick up leaflets/books/resources – at the conference you’ll find different pieces of interesting literature, get a copy and take it away with you to read! Especially if you’re the sort of learner that learns best by reading. Last year there was also a bookstall (I bought a copy of Craig Croeschel’s “IT” which was brilliant). So stock up on resources to take home and share with your friends/church also!
  4. Interact!- The Hashtag for this year’s event is #CNMAC14 and you’ll see lots of individuals interacting on Twitter about the event. Engage online too – share your opinion, challenge one another and fill the digital space with the Glory of God! The conference is a great experience to listen to other people’s experiences and learn from them, so be open-minded and you’ll come away from the event truly inspired!
  5. Take notes – and lots of them! You’ll learn a ton of stuff at #CNMAC14 and the last thing you’ll want to do is forget it all! You’ll come away from the event truly inspired and ready to do mightier things with new media to reach the world for Christ!

If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, I can’t recommend the event enough to everyone. It’s on the 1st November and for details click here.

About Jason Ham

Jason is Social Media Co-ordinator at The River Church, Exeter. He is also Church Online Community Leader for Lifechurch.tv in America, and Captain's an online experience. He has run workshops for churches in Devon in how to use Social Media, and is passionate about exploring how we can use the Internet to share the Good News around the world and build community.