#CNMAC14 Speaker Profile: Vicky Walker (@Vicky_Walker)

There’s another excellent line-up for the fifth Christian New Media Conference (1st November 2014, The Brewery, London). With CODEC involved in developing the line-up, we’ve given the speakers the opportunity to answer a few questions:

vickywalkerWho are you, what do you do, and how does your story feed into #CNMAC14?

I’m a writer and communication consultant. I write about culture, life, belief and relationships in book, article, story and blog form. I also have a company helping organisations, businesses and people tell their stories well. CNMAC14 will be a place to meet old and new friends, many encountered for the first time online, and have the opportunity to tell everyone present about fire exits (yes, dreams can come true).

Can you give us a ‘sneak peek’ into your session at #CNMAC14?

Sneak peek? Well, from the moment it starts until the heart-rending climax, I will be there. Just when you have managed to forget what I look like and return to some degree of normality, I’m back again. If I’m not hosting the day, I’m facilitating the networking (human interaction) time or interviewing three very different, very talented artists about how digital is transforming creativity and the arts in general. It’s exciting to be able to bring them together.

The theme for 2014 is ‘Transforming Church, Transforming Society’. What do you see as important areas within this theme?

All of it, and creating space to talk about transformation should generate healthy conversations about what could be different. Society and church shouldn’t be viewed as separate entities; where people call home and how they grow and flourish and experience community should be central to both.

What do you think a digital age mean for us, seeking transformational living?

Learning from people we’d not otherwise have encountered, becoming aware of others’ stories, being challenged, seeking and finding answers from a wide array of sources, starting life-changing conversations, joining others in making a difference, being exposed to new ideas, connecting with interesting, knowledgeable people from all over the universe.

Outside of your own session, what are you most looking forward to at #CNMAC14?

The ‘Transforming Creativity’ seminars both look very interesting (if I wasn’t forcing people to interact in the networking time, I would be at Jonathan Kearney’s). The case studies offer a great opportunity to see if and how new media influenced real change and celebrate the energy of motivated people to influence the public conversation. And hashtags. Lots of hashtags.

Check out more on the conference itself where we’d love to see you (easy to book here), or see the archives from previous years.

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