Daniel – A lesson in authenticity (@andersorsander)

Authenticity is of great importance in social media. Being genuine, standing up for your message, having faith in your content. In all of this we can draw inspiration from the Book of Daniel and his life.



Daniel lived during the exile in Babylon. He had a firm faith in God, but lived in a polyteistic society. There are similarities to our time. In social media you encounter a buzz of ideas, opinions and suggested truths.

People will tell you when to post, what to post, how to post. While there is a lot to learn from others, you will have to find out what works for you.

It’s essential to know what you believe, if you aim to communicate your faith with authenticity or your voice is lost in the buzz, devoured by the lions. Building authenticity your content needs:

  • Quality – Goes without saying.
  • Originality – Curating content is important and helps to build relations. Curating quality content adds to your authenticity. But your original content is the foundation and structure.
  • To be communicative – Whether you tell a story or add your opinion to a relevant topic it must be communicative. Shareable, easy to relate to, inspiring to comment on.
  • Sensitivity to trends – Timing and your own original twist on a trending topic builds authenticitiy. A recent example is the Black & blue tweet by Salvation Army.

Last month I shared inspiration from Ezekiel about catching attention. That’s the first impression people see in their stream, what makes them click on your link. From the Book of Daniel we learn how to deliver the content with authenticity.

Attention and authenticity go together. Attention without authenticity becomes hollow. All those cute cat images and memes get a lot of attention, but that’s all. They are soon forgotten.

Authenticity without attention just doesn’t work. You need the attention and the interactions from others as they are the ones who give you your authenticity. It’s earned.

About andersorsander

Digital Marketing Officer for United Bible Societies. Living in Sweden in a Swedish-Filipino family.