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Hosea – written in the eighth century BC – a record of Hosea’s life and Hosea’s messages. Hosea was a prophet to Israel prior to its fall in 722BC ad his ministry spanned around 40 years. During this time the nation went rapidly downhill – rejection of God and pagan practices bought a moral and political landslide. Hosea’s wife left him to become a prostitute and through this Hosea saw how Israel had left God – Hosea continued to love his wife and she eventually returned – so too God continued to love Israel and promised to restore her one day.

God is faithful, caring, loving, kind and forgiving – to Israel, to you and me.

“For I am God and not man” – Hosea 11:9 – God is above and beyond – the Holy One, the author of life and death, the one in ultimate control, the one who asks us to turn to him and allow his restoration in us and our nations.

“The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous will walk in them; but the rebellious stumble in them” (Hosea 14:9)

Today we have so many voices – the political parties are all seeking our attention with headline grabbing policies; the media is seeking our attention; Facebook and Twitter seeking our attention; multi-channel TV, video downloading and streaming seeking our attention; the internet (the biggest library of anything and everything ever) seeking our attention – so many voices, opinions, calls to action, points of view………

“For I am God and not man” “The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous will walk in them” “Return to your God; maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always” “you shall acknowledge no God, no Saviour, but me” “It is time to seek the Lord” 

In all the voices – seek the voice of God. In all the opinions seek the word of God. In all that happens return to the one who loves you and seek his direction. God will hear, respond and restore!

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