Actions speak louder than Facebook likes (@darrenrhill)

I love ritual. Currently it is the way I find myself closer to the divine. It is my preferred way of worship, although that may well change before summer has passed. I have an eclectic christian ancestry. In my religious family tree I have collected most of the major denominations and several of the minor ones. I am sure in my postmodern, journey I will pick up a few more along my spiritual journey.

Israel, in particular, but plenty of other near neighbours, get a prophetic tongue-lashing from Amos. In essence, Israel’s worship, their ritual worship was worth nothing to God. Therefore Amos is despatched to utter forth his oracles. The ritual worship, despite its regularity and pomp and ceremony, lacked substance. They went through the motions, albeit including an often diverse pick and mix of non-Jewish cultic influences, but it didn’t extend to basic things like justice for God’s people, as pointed out by Amos.

Online I am faced with regular calls to sign petitions and ‘share’ the plight of the less fortunate. My Facebook feed informs me of the injustice in the world. I engage with many of these posts. But is this just a digital ritual?

Amos basically told Israel that their ritual acts did not match their practical acts. I wonder if Amos is speaking to me?

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