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Obadiah – written 6th century BC, a prophecy concerning the destruction of Edom a nation that participated in the destruction of Jerusalem in 586BC. The Edomites were descendants of Esau while the Israelites were descendants of Jacob (two brothers). Rather than render aid when the enemy was upon Israel, Edom helped in the destruction and took part in the plunder of the stricken city.

The theme is that of Edom’s treachery and pride being subject to God’s judgement. Obadiah warns of God’s hatred of sin – brother watching brother being destroyed is unthinkable. God stepped in and judged Edom and was finally destroyed.

This month saw the UK remember the 7/7 bombings in Central London. Four men set out on a journey with the intent on causing chaos, destruction, injury and death. Whilst they succeeded on the day very soon the nation stood together with Central London – the underground was back up and running, through the pain the vow was that the terrorists should not be allowed to win. Today London, and the UK, is a much stronger place because we didn’t simply watch but prayed, became united, stood as one nation and sought peace and prosperity.

In all that is happening in this world let us be people who speak positively over nations of the world. Speak positively over others, speak positively over communities, towns, cities. Speak positively to other people and on social media. Speak and act prophetically what could be not complain and moan about what is!

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