Jonah – not a glory story (@JHOsborn)

Jonah is one of my favourites.  I love it because he is a complete failure, a full-on turncoat and yet God doesn’t let him go. I heard a sermon at the beginning of this year on Jonah and the point which stuck out was an unusual one: that the word used for the ‘wind’ which caused the storm is the same or similar root to the word for the breath of God. The preacher made the link between this and the passion that God has for us, his people.

God breathed, not to cause Jonah or his fellow shipmates harm but out of love, stopping Jonah from being carried any further off course by people who didn’t know any better.  When Jonah finally went overboard he was thrown deep into God’s love and of course began his journey back towards the place God wanted him to go.

I read this article last month on ‘glory stories’ – Jonah is decidedly not a glory story! It is a story of a man of God reaching the end of what he is prepared to do, and God’s faithfulness.

How often do we decide that we’ve had enough of God? How often do we find ourselves carried off track by the actions of others? How many times has God brought you back from those? I know of at least 2 times in my own life.  I wonder whether the stories of how faithful God is in the middle of our own failures are more powerful to our fellow believers than ‘success’ stories are. What do you think?

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