Why does God take so long to sort things out? (@darrenrhill)

candlesAccording to the Bible God has many attributes. God the Procrastinator isn’t one of them. However, you might be forgiven in thinking it was.

  • God doesn’t exactly rush to redeem the Israelites out of Egypt
  • At the time of the New Testament the people had been waiting for a Messiah for many years
  • And as for the Second Coming, well we’re all on tenterhooks for that

Of course, if there was no waiting involved then faith would have little room to manoeuvre. As well as its erstwhile companions hope and charity or, as we call it today, love.

Habakkuk has a simple refrain running through its verses, ‘How long?’ It seems God might be taking things slowly again. The prophet can’t fathom why there is so much injustice going on. So he decides to discuss this with his God. It’s the sort of discussion that doesn’t hold back. Habakkuk tells it like it is. Things are bad and God is just letting things go their merry course.

I find it very easy to relate to Habakkuk. One glance at my twitter or Facebook feed or the news will show me injustice. I see the poor downtrodden, the widows and orphans despised and rejected, the unfortunate left to fend for themselves. The innocent slaughtered by terrorists. The rich getting richer, the poor finding more hardship. The planet raped for the resources to make our lives nice and cosy. I often ask God ‘why?’ Surely there is something that God could do?

The answer Habakkuk got was that God will do something. God would do something just as something was done for the Hebrews in Egypt, just as God so often does. The answer I get is the same. God will act, and so often God acts through each and every one of us. As individuals and as nations we have the ability to change things. In these dark times when terror is stalking the land we have the ability to shine a light.

So my prayer for this month, and feel free to join in:

In my wrath and anger and frustration, may I remember mercy. May I grow in faith, hope and love.


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