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This page will seek to look at those organisations/discussion groups which seem to work in similar field to us, so that we can each complement rather than compete… and identify where our particular niches are:


There are a number of other organisations working at the intersection of the Christian faith, the media, theology, and the digital space. Those we are working with most closely are listed here (look out for more in the blog posts, and the Bible specific organisations will appear under #BigBible)


CODEC (The Centre for Christian Communication in a Digital Age) is our parent organisation, exploring the interfaces between the Bible, the digital environment and contemporary culture. It includes the Centre for Biblical Literacy and Communication, the Centre for Theology and Cultural Engagement, and the Centre for Communication and Preaching.

Damaris Trust

Damaris is an educational charity with a Christian foundation – but working with people of all faiths and none. We are committed to rigorous study and effective communication as we seek to relate biblical Christian faith and contemporary popular culture, working with Church, Schools and Media. Includes ‘Culturewatch’ which explores the message behind the media (films, books, etc.).


The gap between technology and the church needs to be reduced. On the one hand technology marches on having more and more impact on peoples lives and on the other the church seems to become more out of touch with these new ways in which people live, communicate and interact. Digital Mission is about trying to bridge that gap.  It’s about exploring the possibilities of the digital age. It’s about facing the challenges it presents, and it’s about equipping you, whoever you are and whatever you do.

Journal of Religion, Media & Digital Culture

JRMDC invites submissions from all academic disciplines, including but not limited to theology, sociology and media studies. Publications will address intersections between religion, media and culture, with a particular focus on digital technologies. Studies of any religious tradition will be considered.


In essence, KORE is a creative agency developing a cultural understanding of faith, working in a world of creativity, innovation and imagination to catalyse deeper engagement between faith and culture.  The small team is committed to collaboration and partnership, drawing upon the creative energy and expertise of a growing global network, offering a space to funnel fresh ideas, new ways to engage and resources to download and use.

New Media Centre of Excellence

The aims of the Centre, created by Premier Christian Media, and supported by CODEC:

  • Inspire | To envision churches and the Christian community with what could be achieved through New Media.
  • Equip | To educate and inform with practical guidance and expertise on a range of New Media subjects.
  • Connect | To link churches, projects, organisations and individuals to increase the impact of our combined efforts and resources.

Open Source

“Beautiful things happen when we share.” Open Source is a forum dedicated to connecting people who meet at the crossroads of technology and theology. So expect deep insight from people who dabble in doctrine and major in robotics, geniuses who write philosophy during the week and design software at the weekend.


Partake Ministries seeks to encourage churches and christians to actively engage in Digital Space, offering resources and training.

The Church and Media Network

The Church and Media Network exists to build a bridge between the church and the media. We are in touch with key people from both sectors, and our annual conference draws both high profile speakers from the church and the media, as well as media practitioners at all levels. Includes @themedianet, allowing you to connect with other Christians working in the media.


12Baskets emerged from experiments in multimedia worship in 2002, which moved onto producing materials for assemblies. In 2009 the full company emerged, with the website launched October 2010, to encourage people to “Create it – Use it – Share it”, with regards to Christian resource materials. They “believe the Church is full of creative people, who are not fully aware of how their skills and gifts can be of great value to the Worldwide church”

Vicky Beeching: Technology, Theology & Music

“I blog about many things… my reflections on Christian spirituality, the role of women in the Church and the need for greater equality there, the relationship between spirituality and technology/digital media (the area I’m researching for my PhD), about new music I’m writing or have discovered from others, and about the randomly amusing stuff of life!”

Please let us know if you have an organisation that could feature here, as this largely works by ‘Word of Mouth’. 

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