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Choosing Images for Use in Posts

Copyright and Royalty free and images covered by Creative Commons licences (see this useful visual guide), or images that you have purchased and have the rights to, should be used in posts. The BIGBible Project tends to use the following options:

Image purchased from iStockphoto

We want to ensure that the use of images on this site is legally and ethically/morally compliant. Either below an image (using the URL), or at the base of each post, please indicate source images. Base credits should look like:

Image Credits: Sxc.Hu (URL), Flickr (URL), Own Photo, etc

Purchasing Images

The Big Bible Project exceptionally has purchased images. Sources include:

Use Of Photographs

We believe that the use of images of church activities and events is a valuable tool in creating an attractive, accurate and relevant online representation of The Big Bible Project. Therefore we include photographs taken by members of churches on our website. In order to protect the privacy of The Big Bible Project and friends, we generally do not provide personal identification information along with photographs. In cases where identification is warranted, it will only be included with the permission of the person (or if under 16, the parent/guardian of the person) being photographed. If you see a photograph of yourself or your child that you prefer not be included on the site, or if you would like to ensure that no photo of your child is used on the site, please contact us at the address below. We’ll then make the necessary arrangements to comply with your request. All copyrights remain with the original photographer.


Image Credit: Purchased from iStockphoto

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