Mardi Gras Celebrations

We’ve mentioned that we’d love the Big Read 2011 to launch with locally organised Mardi Gras events. We then discovered that the Methodist Relief & Development Fund were well developed in organising support for similar events for 8th March with Fair Feast, so we are adopting that as the central plank of our Mardi Gras celebrations:

A chance to feast together, promote Fairtrade and help eradicate hunger.

Over one billion people went to bed hungry last night, but millions didn’t, thanks to fair trade and MRDF’s community projects.

By taking part in Fair Feast, you can celebrate Pancake Day (8 March) and Fairtrade Fortnight (28 February – 13 March), whilst raising money that will be invested in some of the world’s poorest communities.

There are many ways to get involved: you could hold a community feast for your friends and neighbours or host a mini-feast – add pancakes or Fairtrade treats – after an event that is already planned. You might want to ‘feast in worship’ by using our specially-prepared sermon notes or reflection.

See all the resources for ‘Fair Feast’ here.

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