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Here’s a list of our #Digidisciples, listed by surname. We can see their slots in the calendar:

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Surnames A-M Surnames N-Z
Chris Aldous
Using social media in community outreach
9th of each month
Helen Nicholls
Experimentation online

Last day of the month
The Alethiophile
Confirming focus
10th of each month
  Jenni Osborn
The newness of contact in the digital space

1st of each month

Sara Batts @battytowers Sara Batts
Occasional Posts

As pre-agreed

Anders Orsander
Online and offline church
11th each month
Vicky Beeching
Vicky Beeching
Spirituality & Technology

Past Posts
Rev Dr Pete Phillips
A theological perspective on engaging the digital world

First Saturday of each month

Kevin Bennett
Small Group Leadership

8th bi-monthly
Holly Poulter
A personal focus on working in social media in the Christian charitable sector

2nd each month

Your name here?

James Prescott
Exploring the reality of our digital rhythm

29th bi-monthly
Ian Black
Confirming focus
1st quarterly

Your name here?
Paul Blakey
Spirituality, Social Action and Social Media

16th each month
Graham Richards
Social Media in the Community (voluntary sector/churches)

Confirming frequency
Anna Blanch
A (digital) room of one’s own

Fourth Thursday of each month
Dave Roberts
New media in a traditional church – using new media without excluding people

5th each month
Jonathan Blundell
How technology helps us share & live out the Kingdom in the world around us

11th each month
James Robinson
The use of science & technology in relation to the church and Christianity
23rd each month
Steve Blundell
Purpose in a digital world
Fourth Friday of the month
Ed Ross
Geeks & God

3rd bi-annually

 Adam Brown
Occasional Posts

As pre-agreed

Your name here?
Rev Kate Bruce
The Digital Infant: becoming digitally mobile

25th each month
Andrew Salt
Android phone apps

3rd Monday each month

Jay Butcher
Occasional Posts

As pre-agreed
Rev Pam Smith
The online church
4th each month

Rector Chick
“A motivational chicken”
7th each month

The Church Sofa
My So-Called Digital Life
21st each month

Father David Cloake
Accessibility & Infectiousness of the Gospel

9th bi-monthly

Muriel Sowden
Online religious community
7th each month

Sally Coleman
Theological reflection in a digital age, digital media as a tool for reflection.

18th each month

Simon Sutcliffe
Pioneer ministry in a digital age
4th each month

Tom Copestake
Digital World and Youth Ministry
19th bi-monthly

Your name here?

Rev Joanne Cox
Variable focus, but likely to include the visual, creativity, social media

6th each month
Revd Robb Sutherland
Social Media & Theology
27th each month

Your name here?
Laura Sykes
Christians & Social Media

Bi-monthly on the 5th

Minidvr Ernie Feasey
Seeking to discern how I may be called to Lay Ministry in the Church of England: Social Media as part of my faith journey

10th monthly

Your name here?

Jeremy Feser
Social Media from Tanzania

Bryony Taylor
All things faith, spirituality and social media related
12th each month

Ali Gledhill
Internet innovations and how Christians can use them in discipleship, church and outreach

20th each month

Rev Nancy Wallace
Blogging Women of the Gospels
14th each month
Dot Gosling
Engaging with regular bite-sized Bible chunks

24th each month

Lorraine Wall-Jones
Confirming Focus
Confirming frequency
The Rev’d Canon Dr. Kevin Goodrich
Living the Digital Life

3rd Friday each month
Dave Warnock
Discovering what you believe through social media
29th Quarterly

Will Grady
The connection between Wesleyan spirituality & social media

Past Posts
Pam Webster
Blogging Bible passages (*suggestions welcome)
26th each month

Chris Hall Chris Hall
Occasional Posts

As pre-agreed
Paul Webster
Occasional Posts
As pre-agreed

Darren Hill
How we engage with the Bible
29th Monthly
Tony Whittaker
Ideas for sharing faith online

8th each month

Gareth Hill
Occasional Posts

As pre-agreed

Ailsa Wright
Christians & Second Life

30th bi-monthly

Dr Tim Hutchings
Fieldnotes: stories and ideas from a digital researcher
17th each month

David Wynd
Practical Thoughts & Being a DigiDisciple

As pre-agreed
Micha Jazz
Contemplative friar journeying towards the heart of God whilst engaging in mission as a peacemaker and whole life therapist, blogs here.

19th each month
 Your name here?
Richard Littledale
Occasional Posts

As pre-agreed
Dr Bex Lewis
Digital Explorations

15th each month
Simon Lucas
Just Love: Living out the two greatest commandments in the twenty-first century
Past Posts

Ned Lunn
The Live & The Digital
28th each month
Emma Major
Seekers finding seeking safer online
1st each month

Anita Mathias
The vocation and ministry of blogging

Past Posts
Thomas Mathie
Things that have caught my attention

22nd each month
Ali Mephram
An Enthusiastic Geocacher & Other Thoughts

16th each month
Lucy Mills
Deep thinking and faithful living in a digital landscape

9th bi-monthly
Oli Moore
What would Jesus Tweet?
Past Posts
Nick Morgan
Confirming focus
14th monthly
Dr George Morley
Theology/being human, and what digital culture means for our being human
Past Posts


There’s a few more names who’ve expressed interest, but not committed to a start date. 

We’ve started a list for those whose Twitter names are known#digidisciple.

If you’re interested in joining this list, email bex.lewis[at]durham.ac.uk and/or tweet with the hashtag #digidisciple.


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