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Digital Disciples #DigidiscipleYou will have seen variations of this image as we seek to embed the idea of Digital discipleship within The Big Bible Project, as part of a greater overhaul (more work will progress on the site today), as we think how we can make a difference with the resources that we have, physical, personal, community and spiritual to name but some. Is it possible for ‘digital disciples’ to make a difference within to the digital culture, simply by the way we ‘are’, and how much support should we seek from others, in prayer and in finances (should the digital space be supported as though a ‘building’?). Pray as we continue to develop the site today…

The #MethConf

I’m looking forward to reading #DigiMission’s report from the Methodist Conference (which, as I understand it, closes today), where he will give us some idea of how social media has made a difference to the Methodist Conference, allowing a far bigger conversation around conference topics than ever before. According to @pmphillips:

On Wednesday alone:

Tweets caused 540,805 internet impressions (that is huge! Half a million potential views!)

Tweets reached 58,303 individual people (yes, unique people – 58 thousand of them!)

It’s interesting that Simon Sutcliffe (@vxnhanley) has noted:

One of the most amazing things is that people are actually joining twitter to become part of the conversation (how cool is that!!), a parable of evangelism just do what you do and others will want to join.

as we’ve definitely noticed this at events that we’ve run, particularly #MediaLit, where last year we experimented with a Twitterfall and from 3 of the group at the beginning, to 90% (about 20) at the end. This year we introduced it in a more planned way. There were more tweeters from the very beginning, but by the end again 90% were using it, and had learnt much of the etiquette involved.

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