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Well spring seems to have finally sprung!

I trust you are enjoying the sunshine when you get chance. As part of my life this last month I have been struck by the number of times it says in scripture to mediate on it day and night. Psalm 1 is the obvious example:

“but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.”

Psalm 1:2 ESV

One thing I have been doing in order to start obeying this part of the Bible is the use of the YouVersion app and utilising my phone to help remember to put God’s word into my life. As a part time employee and a part time self-employed guitar teacher, along with being a husband, father and friend; life can get very busy very quickly. For some time now I have been using my calendar to help prompt me to pray, and this has had a great effect on my prayer life.

I have often used YouVersion simply as a backup on a Sunday. Misplaced Bible, no worries I have my phone and all is well. But, over this last month I have been fully exploring what the app can do. I should point at out this point, I am neither affiliated with or work for YouVersion! But, the app is amazing. The sheer amount of stuff on there is immense.

Not only is it a Bible with multiple translations, but it has an amazing function and resource in its plans section. These are structured readings based around themes, crazy read the whole Bible in 90 days, selected books and read through the Bible in a year. The choice is fantastic. As you work through the plan it keeps track of what you have read and there is also a great function that allows you to catch up by reorganising the dates so you never get behind, you just slide a little!

But, the real help to me in this last month is the fact that you can get it to prompt you to read your Bible. Even with the best will in the world, we still need reminding. Perhaps that is why there are many examples of God putting into his word that we are to remember to read it!

I have two plans running at once, one in the morning that is very quick to read. Mornings are manic in the Blunders house but it is great to start the day mindful my Father God and his Spirit’s work in my life. The second one is slightly longer and I generally do that in on the wind down before bed. This has helped immensely as rather than think of all the stuff I “have” to do tomorrow; I stay present and reflect on God, his word, his promises in Jesus and his love for me. I chew over it; I reflect on it and I pray it back.

If you haven’t got the YouVersion app, may I encourage you to give it a go? Set yourself up with an account (this is free and really easy) and a plan or two and meditate on God’s word day and night.

Be blessed in your adventures this month and may all the glory go to Jesus.

Grace and Peace,


Dear Lord God and Father, thank you for your word. May your word guide me when I walk, watch over me as I sleep and talk to me when I am awake.  Amen Based on Proverbs 6:22

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Steve Blundell (@MrBlunders) works part time for Living Stones Community Church, Eastbourne and part time as a guitar/music teacher. He reads and blogs quite a bit. Steve loves liturgy, the church, prayer and coffee. He is married to Susie and they have two sons. www.echoingjesus.com