The price of authenticity (@jayblake_)

We live in a “now” generation: “share now, be now, connect now”.  Yet we also live in a place where authenticity is hard to find or at times feels a bit lacking. What a breath of fresh air to be sat in a 4000 seat auditorium and hear a speaker tell of his brokenness, of his humanity. Yet….

Image Credit: Spring Harvest

Image Credit: Spring Harvest

We seek authenticity but should all the world know?

How do we enable our leaders to make themselves vulnerable, without fearing that more than just those in the room will come to know of it?

As a strong advocate of sharing the key messages from an event to ensure the widest possible audience can hear it, I also recognise that some things should be able to stay within the room.

I personally think it is perfectly acceptable for a speaker to request that specific sections of a talk are not shared, much as when a missionary is travelling to certain parts of the world, they may request “radio silence” about where they are going.  It is also incumbent on us as listeners to filter, to respect and to ensure that we are putting things out that build up rather than tear down.

So a big shout out to all speakers, your work is so precious, your authenticity and vulnerability enables the rest of us on this journey we call life.  To all with a Twitter account listening to these wonderful people working. Share, but share love. Share in a way you would want others to share what you say but do share!!!

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