Facebook advertising for Churches (@ijasonham)

Facebook is no longer free. Okay, that’s not technically true, but the algorithm is such that the reach of posts is by no means as high as it was, meaning less people will see the content you put on social media. For churches, it means considering a budget for Facebook advertising and using this effectively to get the best reach for your money. For a treasurer of a church it can be difficult to see the return of putting money into Facebook, however here are 3 great ways in which Facebook advertising can be used really well:

1.Advertise your sermon available to watch On Demand.


This is a great way to promote the message on your website throughout the week, and is particularly useful for those who didn’t come to the service, or you can target the advert so anyone in your city/town can see it. This is a also a great evangelistic use of Facebook advertising as you are inviting people to hear the Gospel. Furthermore, as they view the video through your website. this acts as an invitation/brochure to visitors to come along to your service as they will get a better understanding of what your church is like.





2. Use Facebook advertising to target individuals with particular needs/emotions/feelings.

yes he is

 In this Facebook advert, the website ‘Yes He is’ are targeting individuals who are feeling suicidal and  directing them to their blog to read testimonies and encouraging words at this time of need. This is a great way of how we can use social media as a mission field as we go onto Facebook bringing the message of Jesus to those who are lost and hurting in this world. What if your church created a similar advert targeting a specific group of people, and pray that these adverts will act as a light in the darkest of newsfeeds… that people would want to click the link and discover more about our God who transforms lives?





3.  Boost appropriate posts which are not only  relevant to your church Facebook audience, but also a wider circle of influence.

river church

In this instance, the post on my church Facebook wall was an encouraging post for all student receiving A Level results. It not only served students in our local church family, but we used advertising so it’ll appear in other student’s needsfeeds across the city, in the hope that they  too will be encouraged by its powerful message, and that exam grades do not define who a person is. In freshers week, we will also be boosting our student-related posts so freshers to the University of Exeter will also hopefully see this and be attracted to come and look at the page. In your church, why not think strategically which posts would be useful to boost for as many of your Facebook friends to see, but also think about also which posts would of interest to a wider circle of influence.

As outlined in the above posts, a strategy is key in promoting posts. It’s so easy to spend a lot of money on Facebook advertising without necessarily a great return of your investment. It’s not to say a general advertising budget across a large variety of posts works, but with money in many churches such a crucial and often tight issue, the above thinking enables money to be used most effectively for its Facebook audience.

How have you used Facebook advertising in your church? Share below…

About Jason Ham

Jason is Social Media Co-ordinator at The River Church, Exeter. He is also Church Online Community Leader for Lifechurch.tv in America, and Captain's an online experience. He has run workshops for churches in Devon in how to use Social Media, and is passionate about exploring how we can use the Internet to share the Good News around the world and build community.