All good things come to an end… (@darrenrhill)

endI look back fondly on the good old days of the Internet. A time in the last decade when I used to rush to various blogs and read what had been written. I’d comment and my comment would be commented on. Each blog had its own community, its own in-jokes and its own way of doing things. But things change, even the Internet, this digidisciple has seen quite a few changes and I miss the good old days… sometimes.

And here I find myself at Malachi. The final book of the Old Testament. That’s it. No more Bible until Matthew begins the New Testament. We’re left with the promise that the Day of the Lord is on its way and Elijah will pop along too. Until then nothing. It’s all change. God is taking a break for around four hundred years. The way things have been done are coming to an end and God will move in new and mysterious ways when Jesus comes along.

I find it very easy to get lost in the here and now. I spend far too much time thinking about the past and wishing I could live in the good old days. I also spend far too much time thinking about the future. Thinking that things will once again be wonderful and happy when things are sorted out. I find it a Christian dilemma too. God has acted in the past and heaven awaits in the future.

I wonder how those who heard Malachi’s words felt?   Did they sit back and do nothing, simply waiting for the glorious future? Did they wish for the good old days of salvation from Egypt and expansion under King David? We know they didn’t. There is a lot that happened before Jesus was born. The people fought for what they believed, tried to keep the faith and looked for God. They weren’t always successful but they never had been completely successful either. Being a disciple isn’t all about remembering the wonderful past and dreaming of an awesome future. It is about living each day, the hear and now. We remember what God has done and what God will do, while walking with God’s Spirit everyday.

All good things come to an end… so that more good things can happen.


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