Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi (@paulblakey)

And so the journey of the Old Testament draws to an end! The final countdown of the last 3 books – Haggai, Zechariah and that Italian chap Malachi (say it with an Italian accent!)


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Haggai written 520BC – sent to encourage the restored community to finish the project of rebuilding the temple. The book and prophetic words were designed to speed the project along and it worked with the temple build completed in 516BC. Haggai reminds us of priorities – the building of the temple was God’s priority and so needed to be the people’s!
Zechariah written around 520BC – encouragement to serve God without fear. God is in control (a recurring theme throughout the Old Testament!) and God gives his people protection, prosperity, strength and grace. Looking forward the greatest need to know God better will be met in Jesus.
Malachi – the last inspired word for 400 years – a call to give serious attention to spiritual problems. A reminder that His name will be great among the nations – from the rising to the setting of the sun offerings will be brought. A call that God is bigger than us, bigger than our time or space concept, bigger than the 400 year wait….


The conclusion of the Old Testament helps us to see we are part of a much much bigger story. A story that time and space can never contain. A story we will never fully understand or comprehend. A story that has its challenges, its difficulties, that leaves far more questions than it does answers. A story that wasn’t completed at the end of Malachi or the end of Jude but a story that is still been written today and a story that includes YOU! A story, as Revelation reminds us, will go on for eternity without beginning or end!
Welcome to the greatest story ever told! A story you are part of. A story that shows God who loves and cares for his people, who has a plan and purpose for all. A story where God invites us to be participators in not spectators of.
Welcome to the story of your life – a story God would love to be central in! Welcome!!!!

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