You can read stories tagged with #MediaLit11, as the sessions were live-blogged, listen to audioboos, see a record of tweets. The course had around 26 delegates.

Comments from participants of  MediaLit 2011

  • The topics were well presented leading to helpful discussions and good interaction between course delegates and presenters.
  • Good range of subjects covered. Excellent speakers who really knew their stuff and communicated really well and made it fun, accessible, interesting, challenging, etc. Lots to think about and reflect on. Very challenging. Lots of practical insights about the media.
  • Enjoyed tweeting as part of session, at times I would not have offered a verbal contribution but tweeted instead so felt my contribution was still valued.
  • I very much enjoyed the twitterfall – at first I was suspicious of it, suspected that it would interfere with the lectures, but I felt it added to the overall discussion. I am certainly a convert to the uses of new media.
  • The mixture of group work and up front teaching was good as well as the different styles, modes of presentation, etc.
  • From someone observing on Twitter: Loved the breadth of insight and input from participants – I’d never have landed on any of those pages on my own. Sense of being welcomed by in-class community – positively welcoming outsiders to take part, felt valued.
  • It challenged me, taught me, gave me lots of ideas and insights, took me way beyond my comfort zone and met my expectations well and… I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Medialit course which combines sound and thoughtful theological and biblical teaching integrated with cutting edge digital media. I’ve never been to a conference quite like it.
  • Persuaded a media sceptic to see the value of online communications.
  • Where else would I get the opportunity to experience a Jeremy Paxman style interview and know I could survive.
  • Really enjoyed the experience and the fellowship and the worship.
  • I really appreciated the friendliness of all the course members and especially the speakers and their desire to make the experience as positive as possible and desire for honest feedback and suggestions for improvement. [The technology was overwhelming to begin with but] I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the week and would really recommend it to both people who are interested in this area and newbies which says a lot about the care, support, friendliness of the leadership team and quality of the teaching, learning and exploration experience. Thanks for taking me so far out of my comfort zone and challenging and stretching me while providing an encouraging and supportive environment to begin a new area of exploration.

We are currently digesting the ‘suggestions for improvement’ for #MediaLit12

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