Adults on a training courseMediaLit is a one week intensive course in Media Literacy for Christian Ministry

  • Date: Monday 18th – Friday 22nd June 2012
  • Venue: St John’s College, Durham
  • Cost: £175 (excluding accommodation)

MediaLit offers an opportunity for first class training and resources in media for ministry for those engaged in formal pre-ordination training, those already engaged in local or national ministry and anyone concerned to connect Christian faith with communication in a digital age.  We will explore communications media, an overview of the workings of the media – both broadcast media and the press, as well as offer some key skills training in how to create material for the media and how to handle various media opportunities.  We will be reflecting theologically on the media’s interaction with society and public values and encouraging you to think critically about how you and your congregations consume the media’s products – and what products we might produce ourselves to assist and engage with the media.

Material from 2011/2010, and new material from 2012

The Week

Used with permission (Dave Webster)

The course will be taught through an intensive mixture of lectures, practicals and socials running over five days.  The day will start with prayers in the morning and include an evening social activity, as well as time for relaxation in the bar.  This means that the week is intense, but we hope that the mixture of lectures, practicals and socials will lead to an excellent and relaxed learning environment.

  • Lectures will normally be held in the Leech Hall at St John’s College.
  • Prayers will be held in the College Chapel.
  • Meals and breaks will be taken in the Bowes Dining Room.
  • Practicals will be held in appropriate venues.

Since the course begins early on Monday morning, those travelling any distance may need to find accommodation for Sunday night to ensure they get the most from the course.


Course members will be asked to showcase or produce a number of projects through the week at least one of which will need to be completed prior to the course:

  • Media Showcase – course members are to bring with them a piece of media interaction which they will showcase and explain to the rest of the group on Wednesday afternoon.  The showcase can be aural, visual, video or print.
  • Mediawatch/NoomaNight – each evening during the teaching block courswe members will watch/listen to a media presentation followed by a group discussion/critique of the methods of communication used and the effectiveness of the presentation.
  • Being Interviewed – involves a small number of course members being interviewed in a goldfish bowl environment.

What’s On?

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Some of the session titles:

  • Theology of Communication
  • Digital Revolution
  • Biblical Literacy and the Media
  • Religion and Broadcasting
  • Mediawatch
  • Communicating Conviction
  • Running Church Comms
  • Media Showcase
  • Imagination and Preaching
  • Communication and the Church
  • Communications and Fresh Expressions
  • Hermeneuting Ethics
  • Apologetics
Teaching team includes: @pmphillips, @drbexl, @johnschaplain, @annamdrew, @andrewgraystone. @tim_hutchings, @vickybeeching.

More Information

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The Practical Stuff

How much: £175 (Ordinands/Student Ministers in training at Cranmer/WSC: no fee)

This includes: lunch, evening meal, refreshments, a resource pack

Not included: overnight accommodation and breakfasts

Timings: Monday – Thursday: 8.30am to 9.30pm (with bar to follow) and Friday: 8.30am to 4.00pm

To book/info: [email protected]

Theresa Phillips, MediaLit @ CODEC, St John’s College, 3 South Bailey, Durham  DH1 3RJ

Some rooms may be available for overnight accommodation in St John’s College.  Please contact the Domestic Manager – [email protected] for availability and booking.  There is a wide range of accommodation in the city centre within easy walking distance of the College.  Course members are encouraged not to bring cars into central Durham.

Where possible, students are invited to bring whatever equipment they think they may need for the week – if you have a laptop, digital video camera or other recording device this would be very useful.

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