We are a small team, with a big heart for seeking ways to communicate the gospel effectively in the digital age, relying heavily upon our supporters and #digidisciple(s) for content, engagement, and sharing on this site.


Dr Bex Lewis

Bex is Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning and Director of The BIGBible Project. With a background as a mass-communications historian, she is passionate about helping Christians be a positive presence in the digital world.

Thanks to The Jerusalem Trust who have under-written the majority of Bex’s role until July 2015.

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Rev Dr Pete Phillips

Pete is Director of of CODEC, based at Durham University, and Bex’s line manager. His interests according to Twitter include “media, theology, digital culture, arts, literary theory, postmod, Church, Bible”

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Rev Andy Byers

Andy and his family moved to Durham from the US in 2011 in order for Andy to begin a PhD program in New Testament. Andy writes regularly for the Big Bible blog as its theological consultant.

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Bryony Taylor


Bryony is an ordinand in the Church of England (Cranmer Hall, Durham), formerly a social media consultant and trainer in education. Bryony looks after The BIGBible Project for four weeks of the year whilst Bex is on leave.

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Council of Reference

This is a small group of people, from a range of backgrounds, who support our aims, reflect our ethos, and are prepared to be actively involved in giving advice into the way that The BIGBible Project develops, supporting its focus, effectiveness, creativity and manageability (via a Facebook Group).

and particular thanks to Rev Pam Webster for being part of the initial CoR group.

About the Author

The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.